Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Smile, Please

Just a grannie taking a shot of a nanny. Didn't shoot much else today. Just too hot to think.

We took the grandchildren to a local farm shop with a café and play area. Even though it was a very small play area it kept the kids amused while we took shots of kids of the goaty variety.

Our visit was spoiled by 2 of the farms 4 large dogs, barking, escaping from their fenced area and attacking a small visiting dog. The poor lady had to hoist her dog to head height to escape them. She was, naturally, upset and very shaken by the incident so I got her to sit down with us while I grabbed some serviettes for her to mop up her tears. Her dog had been nipped and had a slight bleed so she was going to have the vet check it. I chatted to her until she felt settled enough to drive home.

What added to this worrying situation is that 7-yearl old Emily, often plays here with a friends puppy and we hoped to bring the caravan to their field soon. The Man will be very wary about it now he knows the dogs are loose.

Sorry to rant. After a nice pub meal with the family, we set off home.

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