Chain smoking and trying to look cool in his Ray-Bans, Monty was inside quaking with fear at the thought of the hoverfly event at the aogs (Alternate Olympic Games) this year. He had had a sneak peek at the opposition and was frankly scared knowing his training regime had fallen a little short of late with the distraction of the hovering beauties in the olympic village taking its toll. 

Up staying with my mum, dad in hospital with a chest infection and he hopefully will be out soon. A power cut tonight threw me as the stairlift started beeping at me. Slightly panicing at the thought of mum not being able to go to bed  I tested it every way (it must have a back up battery), I called the makers, brother, Hubs ...checked the fuse box etc etc but it was sorted in the end. Obviously if I'd known it was a power cut then there wouldn't have been problem! Doh!

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