Third Time - Unlucky Bee

A much better day for searching for macro subjects, it has been sunny but with a beautiful cooling breeze. 

It is the third time that I have freed an insect from the Velcro-inspiring hooks of a burr. In July 2019 it was a flesh fly and in July 2020 a drone fly. I do hope I never have to free a bird as they can become entangled in the unforgiving hooks.  

This afternoon I noticed that a bee with very tatty wings didn't fly away when I approached. The poor thing was hooked by its mouthparts. I picked the burr and very carefully pulled the hooks from the bud one by one until there were very few left, being very careful not to injure the insect. Shortly after I took the shot in extras it managed to free itself. It didn't fly away but dropped into the undergrowth. At least I've given it a chance.

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