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By justbe

Helen's Pie for Breakfast

We're sadly leaving soon, headed to Dogcorner Cottage 6 and half hours south. Merry has had her nausea and sedation pills, so it's a summer farewell, but we hope to come back in the fall.

For the Record,
This day came in absolutely gorgeous.

All hands and paws so sad to be leaving.

We arrived home at 7PM exactly, one stop for gas in case the traffic was awful through Boston and towards Cape Cod and we got caught waiting for hours. By a miracle, we sailed through with just a small slowdown on Rt 1 in Saugus, MA, which is to be expected.

We're all unpacked, happy to be home, but missing our place in Maine. One joy is that at 6PM tonight, Nora , Hunter and family arrived at the Maine house to stay for 6 days. The little video of them running around on the lawn made us so happy. They are the 6th generation to fall in love with that  place and that house that surely loves company. Five children grew up in it in my grandfather's generation. It yearns for more children to discover the magic of living in harmony with the tide.

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