And now for something completely different!

Yet another hot day. Watering pots is becoming a problem - I thought we were on a hosepipe ban, but it's just a warning so far. 

I did go out this afternoon in a attempt to find some good old-fashioned expanding wooden trellis, but there's none available that I can find in Oban. I'll have to wait until Monday and try the builders' merchants. I have several climbers that I want to train up the timber walls of our house, but all I could find were small panels made of sticks. Homebase has quite a few of these toy trellises, but they're not very long-lived, I think.

So today's Blip is by way of an emergency. It's the terminal bud of a succulent on the bathroom windowsill - Kalanchoe sexangularis, or K. rubinea when I bought it. It's from South Africa. It's quite small - about 5mm across. I thought it looked rather like a cartoon face!

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