Hot, hot, hot

Usha Gap, backblip 6

When we thought it couldn't get any hotter...

Luckily, today was a planned 'rest' day, and I was more than happy to spend a large part of it under the awning in the shade reading. What luxury - daytime reading! Meanwhile, MrM went on a gruelling 25km bike ride, up hill and down dale, seemingly unaffected by the heat! 

In the evening, when it was a little cooler, we set off on a walk to find a footpath over a ford that MrM was keen to do. On the map it looked as though the path went through Muker churchyard, but we failed to find it. We stopped a while to talk with an elderly couple who had lived in Muker all their lives. An interesting chat, as they told us how much the village and its community has changed in recent years, and regaled us with stories of the pubs (there used to be three) and 'drinking houses'. They also directed us to the footpath - she thought the ford would be passable on foot (she used to cross it frequently as a child...), but he was doubtful. A pleasant walk through the meadows, but he was right - you'd need a tractor to get across, even with so little water in the river! So we made our way back to the campsite, end enjoyed a cider or two as the sun set.

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