Making hay while the sun shines

Usha Gap, backblip 7

A pleasant walk from the campsite through the meadows to Ivelet Bridge, which dates back to the 16th century. Back by a slightly higher path for part of the way. Another very hot day, and the river by the bridge proved a popular spot for swimming.

There are many cow'uses (or cowusses - the term used for a field barn or ‘cow-house’) in Swaledale and other parts of the Dales. Cows used to overwinter in the bottom, while hay was stored at the top. Apparently, many of the cow'uses in Muker parish were built at the top of the meadows to make life easier hauling the muck out and down to the fields in the spring. Many of the farmers have been busy making the most of this week's good weather to harvest the hay (extra), and this cow'us is still used for storing hay bales.

In the evening a drive out for views of the Howgill Fells, Wild Boar Fell in particular, for old times' sake! 

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