By Veronica

On ice

All is calm this evening, after yesterday's high drama. The fire burnt through the night, the horizon blazing red, but by lunchtime today it was pretty much under control. Fabrezan is still heaving with firefighters though as it's still windy (thankfully not as windy as forecast) and it could kick off again any time. When I came through earlier, the main street was choked with about ten fire engines; the village hall has been adapted as a canteen for 400 firefighters. This morning there were still a Dash and a helicopter on duty, but they've gone now. There's an album of the photos I took yesterday.

I haven't been to look at any of the damage, because it seemed right to keep well out of the way of the fire crews. It's all invisible from this side of the mountain. You may or may not be able to see these photos in the local paper,  demonstrating vines as firebreak.

For my part, no photos by 7 pm today, so here's my self-indulgence of Kina-Karo over ice with tonic and lemon. It's a very nice alternative to a G&T.

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