By Ingleman

In The Spotlight

I, and Mrs I, worked bloody hard today. In the garden,  planting and landscaping an area freed last week from an impossible tangle of wild Mahonia, ivy, bramble and other unwanted undergrowth. Bloody hard.

When we rested and drank tea, a single wasp came to visit, and I am sorry to confess I laughed uproariously when it shewed  a great interest in Mrs I and her sandwich.  It got better. She had a sandwich in one hand and a cup of tea in the other and was trying to fend the little fella off with her elbows. She was leaping up and down and flapping her elbows to try and dissuade the wasp. Tea and fragments of sandwich were flying everywhere. Hilarious. I actually shouted through my merriment..."Stop flapping"....tears rolling down my face.

Ho ho, it all turned sour when the wasp came my way.  I, being the brave and courageous male, stayed perfectly calm and perfectly still. Until it landed on my bottom lip....oh then the  shit hit the fan.......the fun started.

Then the tables were turned and she made the most of it. Once I had done my impression of a whirling dervish and got rid of the wasp I could not stop my good lady wife from an epileptic fit of hysterical laughter. She just would not stop snorting and giggling......and it got boring after a while....I hate it when people laugh at me...

Well, when things got back to normal I got my camera and flashgun, anticipating the return of the wasp and maybe a few of his mates. Every wasp needs back up, don't they?

He did. I recognised his stripes, and got my blip. Hope you like it.

On a serious note it has been a glorious day, cloudy, warm, lovely breeze and we achieved a lot. Both friends and very happy. And honestly, no wasps were harmed in this production. I think they are great and respect them. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone. Mostly......

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