By Ingleman


Sempervivum Tectorum - Follow up blip to my earlier one on 18th July (Cyclops) On that day only one of the florets had opened. Now there are nearly two dozen and more to come. I am excited by this small triumph as I have had little success with these in the past. This individual is nothing short of spectacular (see extra) now over 18 inches tall and actually in need of support to stop it  snapping.  Happy!

Got a quote for the classic Jag insurance (!!): so happy, another step forward - due to it being a second car and only very low annual mileage expected, it is actually cheaper than my newer Ford Focus. As my esteemed American friends yell on such occasions.,. "Go figure...!! "

Managed to arrange a few days break in Wales next week, happy now it is slightly cooler, and as the Jag of choice is in Wales I see an opportunity to 'try before I buy' looming. Hoo hoo.  It will never happen but what the hell, lets see where it leads. If nothing else I get a free go in a Jag. (I am not a pessimist, but I am a dangerous mix of realist and dreamer)

Lots of stars and lovely kind comments of late. Heartfelt thanks as always for the interest and encouragement . As my friends in the Uk often yell on such occasions .. " Backatya ! "

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