Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

Brum Birthday

It's the Hubby's birthday today, and we were actually able to go out to celebrate it this year! Sarah and Jay picked us up to head to the City Centre for our first meal out for over 18m (I don't count that one trip to the local last September, because that's barely out and barely food! XD) I decided to take full advantage of being at Las Iguanas and had cocktails, a starter, main and dessert (see extras), and had an absolutely lovely time. If I'm honest it did feel weird to be out, especially since my brain has apparently gotten very un-used to noises around me, so everyone else's conversations seemed liked they were happening through a megaphone. Also not sure how I feel about 2 out of 3 of our servers not wearing masks, but I'm hoping they have to take tests before their shifts (she says, optimistically). Still, it felt lovely to do something "normal", and to eat a delicious meal without the burden of washing up! I am nursing a pretty hefty food baby now though!

This picture was taken from the car park; is it weird that I've been missing the city itself? The final extra is a very cute shot of one of my favourite Brum buildings, Colmore Gate, peeping up above the other buildings. 

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