Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob


I got Rich this Super Sonic statue for his birthday, but the nose was snapped off and the leg was chipped. Luckily the company were happy to replace it after I sent this picture. Not quite sure what to do with this one though...

My brain seemed to have a minor snap tonight too; I've been feeling slightly weird lately about work. I feel slightly burnt out, in that I don't seem to get much enjoyment from my job at the moment and the idea of getting up and doing it almost every day forever now is a bit...harrumphy. It's not that I'm lazy; when I'm motivated and enthusiastic I'm very productive, I just think that the way society is set up to have you working to live isn't particularly great, and having been stuck mostly in my house for over 18m now has rather compounded that somewhat, as every day feels way more samey than usual. I actually feel much better after I had a little cry and a whinge to Rich (after a failed attempt a cookery pushed me over the edge, LOL!) so that was good. I tell you what would be ace though; someone just giving me enough dosh for Rich and I to take a few months off work to refresh, get our sleep patterns into a better state and rechsrge ourselves a bit. Anyone? :P

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