This Way Out.

Another day of guiding at Hill of Tarvit. Another bright hot sunny day, but perhaps, just perhaps there is a hint that the weather is about to change.

Guiding is usually a frenetic five minutes of interaction with visitors followed by 20-25 minutes of calm contemplation.

Tours should start every hour and half hour, and last for one hour. Of course, visitors arrive late and the programme can stretch out.

It all works out, although it is the guides responsibility to ensure that each group avoids contact with any other. There are three potential points of contact.

Perhaps the most pleasant room to guide is the Dining Room. Groups leave the building via the hidden door to the Terrace. That is the view which is today’s Blipfoto.

The nominal five minutes can stretch out to twenty minutes before the next group arrives. It is a time to answer questions and to give advice about the other NTS properties.

Today we were visited by one charming, partially disabled couple who were unable to move at the normal pace. All guides were able to ensure the couple remained safe and enjoy the house.

They could not leave by the normal exit, and I escorted them back to the entrance, where they were met by their King Charles Spaniel who had been walked and watered by one of the outside guides.

Before they left I gave them the outline of my suggested tour to the Wemyss Estate and Dysart. I am sure they will enjoy it.

The guides are currently presenting the house in a way that is quite alien and uncomfortable for them. The most common remark:

"Please come back and visit us next year when we hope we will be able to show you the house in our traditional way."

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