By MarilynParker

Weather mainly

This morning the sky looked ominous and the atmosphere felt charged. I felt a storm coming so I thought to get out and get things done as soon as possible.
I nipped to Tesco in the car to get my prescription and a couple of bits then was going to drive into town but the weather seemed to have improved and had only rained very lightly for a short time so I walked over the Steve Prescott Bridge into town. It could do with a clean.
I only went to town to get a card for my mum to send but bought a few myself. The humidity was terrible yet I saw people in bubble jackets! 
I had a closer look at the multi storey car park near the World of Glass - or rather at the space where it was as it's been levelled to the ground.
Walked back for my car and drove to mum's - had a natter with her for a while before heading home.
On the way to mum's I noticed a warning light on my dashboard - it said OIL and had a spanner beneath it. I investigaged this further once home and I was pretty sure that it was just a reminder for the oil change and filter change at service which is already booked. However, the handbook fills you with dread saying you must get it done immediately or the engine will sustain damage.
I checked the oil level which was fine and it looked clean - unsurprisingly since the car has only done 6,935 miles and so has done less than 2,000 miles since I bought it on August 4th last year.
However, as the handbook scares you to death, even though I was certain it was an automatic reminder (today is exactly 1 year since it was last serviced) I thought I should check with where I bought it and where its service is booked for next Monday. I was assured that it is nothing to worry about and just the service reminder and will be fine to drive it till it has its service next Monday.
The rain arrived and with it came thunder and lightning. Not too long after it was hot, sunny and humid again! 
Photo is of our dwarf standard lilac which I keep saying I am going to get rid of but I like it too much and it smells lovely. I chop it back every autumn  and sometimes very hard. It seems to thrive on this treatment.
At present (9pm) it's fine but we are expecting heavy rain / storms overnight and all day tomorrow!

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