By MarilynParker

Caught in a storm

I set off walking in fine weather, so much so that I had applied sun lotion. A bit more than 10 minutes and the sky was ominous. I ended up having to dash to a bus shelter (which was only half a shelter really). The photo doesn't really capture the effects well but I did a video which does.
The hailstones were large - the size of large peas and pelted down, the thunder crashing and lightning lighting up the sky before it turned to torrential rain and a little river was running by me on the pavement.
I was not sure the bus shelter offered me much becsue it was mostly metal and partly under a tree! 
Eventually it cleared up so I set off again and then had to seek shelter at another bus stop when another storm arrived.
Managed to get to Asda unscathed although Asda was not where I planned to go! Bought a cooked chicken for tea as couldn't decide what we should have and then made kmy way into town to catch the bus home.
Quite a few people in Asda without masks and also on the bus. INot as reassuring as previous days.
I lost count of the number of storms we had today. 
The garden has been well-watered though.

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