A Busy Day

Our garden helper worked for a couple hours this morning--he is a wonder. A lot of tidying out back: dismantling and moving a full compost bin, raking out a lot of extra soil, sifting finished compost. He can do more in two hours than we can think up during a whole week! I tried to keep up, at least in time spent, but it got sunny there for a minute and it became too hard for me to be out in the heat. Contrast to last night when we actually turned on the furnace for an hour or two because it was just soooo darn cold!! I did do a decent amount of weeding and trimming, and then got cleaned up to have lunch with a friend I haven't seen for a good Covidwhile. What a fine time we had just wandering around, chatting and eating and having a good catch-up.

The distressed young hawk is still around. The Extra has him on top of a nearby power pole, which doesn't look like the safest perch you could find. It's very windy, which you can see in his ruffled feathers, and he is crying still.

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