By seizetheday


The hostas in the 'yard are looking splendid  just now. Both in flower, and so far the slugs haven't attacked their leaves. Fingers crossed...

Rain forecast for later today and tomorrow, so I went round to Jacqui's this morning to cut her lawn. Afterwards a cup of coffee and chat sitting in her garden.

Home for a bite to eat, a couple of chores, and then more sanding. I thought all the sanding was done and dusted, but then realised that the window frame in the soon-to-be cupboard needs doing too. Definitely dare I say it?! finished now!

Lots of walking on our recent holiday, but too many ice creams perhaps?! Are three too many during an 8-day holiday? Anyway, my weight went up, so it's definitely back to healthy eating now, and it was exercise on the bike this evening...

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