A virtually distanced hello

This pretty moth welcomed us as we went down the stairs. My best image of the day.

Mr B played tennis with G. Then we joined G and wife for coffee outside at Coffee Saloon in Westbourne.

Mr B had planned to play again tomorrow with the G’s daughter. Got a text this afternoon - her young daughter (the three generations share the same house) tested positive - she lost her sense of smell yesterday and then did the test.

G and his wife have their own separate quarters, and say haven’t been too close to their grandaughter in the last couple of days. So touch wood we’re ‘safe’. But we have reluctantly cancelled a BBQ with them at the club tonight, and drinks at friends tomorrow

We were due to collect a whole Milano Salami and also Luganega sausage (a speciality of the North of Italy) which they ordered for us. We’ll collect from outside the door.

A reminder of how close Covid is

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