Stay at Herm

The way things are going, who knows. Perhaps we will be staying ‘Herm’ again soon. Covid is apparently back with a vengeance in Europe - not looking brilliant here either.

Had a walk with a neighbour this morning, to the goats and back, while Mr B played tennis. Then collected him from the club and drove to Westbourne. Had our take-away flat whites on a bench and watched the cars go by :(

Walked round, past the small shops, and through the arcade. Which is where I espied this tiny image of Inspector Clouseau (aka as Peter Sellers) - with the warning to ‘Stay at Herm’. Displayed on the door of the tiniest cinema in the UK - our 17 seat eccentric Colosseum Cinema

Thanks to Debbi for today’s Tiny Tuesday

NB If English isn’t your first language Herm=Home. Inspector Clouseau will always be remembered for Peter Seller’s absurd French accented English.

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