The great unwashed

Car wash
Talking about the car wash yeah
Car wash yeah
Come on y'all and sing it with me
Car wash
Sing it with feeling
Car wash yeah (Repeat till fade)

My red Baby had a treat today. Hand car wash in Boscombe. After a 5 month wait.

Then drove on to Southbourne and coffee at ‘Quaff & Tipple’ where the excellent ‘L’ (previously at Côte) works. Knows how to make a decent flat white. Lovely on the pavement terrace, bright sun and cool breeze.

Off to pay and then get some veg down the road.

Long walk from the High Street via Cliff-Top to Bistro on the Beach. Then back to car along main road. Home at 4pm, in time for 5:30 drink on the lawn with E. Went back up at 7pm, was getting cold.

Image of ‘Car Wash’ for Freyjad’s Wide Wednesday Challenge‘ Distortion - tilting of lens, etc’

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