By MsQuizzical

A Hole In The Canopy

I got a shock when Ollie dog and I went on our evening circuit of the property. Since this afternoon a huge bough has broken off the oak tree in the south-west corner of our field leaving a gaping hole in the canopy. It hasn't been windy and the broken bough ends don't look rotten. Maybe it was weakened by the lightning the other day? It has made me feel sad, as if it's a sort of metaphor.

My daughter, granddaughter and I went to the 'TOWIE' clothes shop in Ongar this morning but there was nothing to tempt them this time. We had lunch in a wine bar that we hadn't visited before. We won't be returning as the food was very poor. We still enjoyed being out together, doing something different and having a nice chat.

(I had to resize my image as blipfoto stated that it was too large.) 

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