New Toy

Blanche the campervan was being serviced and MOT'd today. It needed new discs and pads  but it's doing OK. She's 12 years old now and going strong, used every day as my primary transport. 

I received a new gizmo today. I've beem umming and aahing about getting one but I've had the opportunity to use one and decided in the end that the comparatively low investment was worthwhile. It's a small but powerful digital guitar amp. It operates independently but using an app unleashes all sorts of extra amp simulations and also lets you play along to backing tracks and also make your own to play along with. So lots of fun and very easy to cart about. I've pictured it sitting on top of my favourite valve amp which is about 8 times the size and possibly 20 times the weight and only does one thing simply and very well. I'm sure it'll remain my favourite.

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