By MarilynParker

Started another book

Finshed The Winds of Crete which was interesting to get an idea of what the island was like in the 1960s and 1970s.
This one I have only started at lunchtime but it grabs you from the start. Might look for more of this author's books.
Today was recycling day for us and the blue bag was not returned so I had a peek on the CCTV footage to see what happened. The collector emptied our blue bag (waste paper) into the wagon then put the blue bag in there and left it there so off it went in the wagon! It's fairly new and was in perfect condition as we keep it in the porch - what a waste! I get fed up with ordering new recycling containers and bags. 
Been shopping and not done much else except some bits in the house. Miserable day re weather.
I see the Greek Islands have gone dark red on Europe's Covid 19 infections map. This is far from over.
Might make a coffee now and see what's on at the Olympics - it's a hard life this retirement!

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