Plant-loving cat

Cool and dull again today so I forced myself to stay in this morning trying to get on with Keep Oban Beautiful stuff. We're planning a local 'Doorstep Challenge' to encourage residents to try to find ways of improving their own neighbourhood and eventually, we hope, to creating a stronger feeling of pride in the town. Understandably when I send out a draft there are a number of suggestions/objections/additions which I try to incorporate. I send out another draft and the same thing happens. I've just sent out Draft 3 this morning and I think we're nearly there!

Spent the afternoon plant pottering again and haven't been off the property, so when Susie came out to keep me company I used her as a Blip. I think she's saying "I've seen that Geranium palmatum before, but where did those snapdragons come from?" Even the cat uses italics for Latin plant names - I'm quite surprised!

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