I’m in heaven

So the new greengrocer soft-opened in Westbourne today. Despite having a fridge full of fruit and veg, I couldn’t resist popping in.

It is wonderful. Better than I could have imagined. I hope and pray they do well. Totally another league from supermarkets and other greengrocers down here.

Bought a few tomatoes, Jersey Royals (potatoes), radicchio (the long variety to grill).

One of the super-friendly partners remembered I mentioned a longing for escarole (scarola in Italian), even difficult to find in London shops. He went round the back and surprised me with a huge escarole as a gift. He especially brought it from the New *Covent Garden market where they buy from (*pretty sure that’s right)!

I made escarole and cannellini bean soup with rice for dinner. Tomorrow Mr B plans to make a salad with the escarole and Jersey Royals.

Who needs to eat out!
Oh OK…. we all need a change of scene :)

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