Westward Ho!

Decided to do a run in the car over to Westward Ho! this morning. Quite a bit of traffic on the road in both directions, and a short heavy shower on route. The tide was on its way in, and although the life guards had got the two safe to swim area flags up, there were some idiots further down the beach in the water! I popped into the quiet car park at 10.30, a bit later than I wanted to be, and took a few shots, the first ones realised I had the camera set on Sepia, so switched back Fuji's Provia std. But I have decided to stick with the sepia tones for today.

Had to call in home before going shopping as I had left my list at home. I'm afraid I am well behind on comments etc again, do hope to catch today, thank you for dropping by :-) x 

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