Pink beauty........

There is only this one bloom out at the moment on this rose in my garden.  I think it is rather gorgeous so it is my blip for today. 

There was some rain today, that very fine mizzly stuff. It hasn't done a thing for the garden or the water butts!!

I got rather fed up with being a domestic goddess this morning, so after finishing my bedroom off, other than the ironing, I wandered down to S'bury's for a hot cooked chicken. So after stripping the carcass, and making a sandwich for lunch, time for the garden. 

Not a lot done. Made a start on stripping out some of the yellow wild flowers before they seed. There are rather a lot of them this year, and I would like a more balanced colour range for the wild flowers next year. Also took out some of the white daisies that are beginning to try to take over. I shall add to the cornflowers as I was given a pack yesterday at Rosemoor. The poppies are also beginning to seed so they can carry on :-)

I think I have caught up with everyone, even if I haven't commented, I should have left at least a star ! Do have a lovely, and safe week this week. Those of you that have been affected by Covid again, I do hope you are now on the mend and can return to some form of normality, even if it  is work.  Take care :-)

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