A day in the life

By Shelling

The final cut?

Early on I decided to keep the grass long where the wild flowers seemed to want to grow in my lawn. In stead I cut paths for walking around in to see it all. There's been more flowers and different types of grass species than I have seen in the earlier years, all very pretty and has held a much wider diversity of the species. I've had comments about needing to cut the grass, but it felt right to keep it this way. 
Until now, when the tall grass has started to lay flat and all the flowers have bloomed and spread their seeds for next year. I let the lawn mower cut it off and mulch it over the lawn as fertiliser. Last cut of the year? Maybe not. Next year this lawn is probably not my problem but I feel I have helped the insects to have an easier life and have more to choose from.

Extra: The pears looks good this year, there are hardly any apples at all so there will be no apple-must (apple juice) unfortunately.

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