Bigger than a dulcimer

Or was it a xylophone? I think my parents called my late 1950s Chad Valley toy instrument a dulcimer because the metal notes were supported on "strings" (elastic bands*) and you hammered them. They sat inside a hinged red tin with Chad Valley emblazoned on its lid. (What's a choking hazard, Mummy?)

Today is our son-in-law's birthday, also the day of little Miss B's party. She will be two on Thursday, so her party was a few days in advance. She was so excited from the minute she woke. Took this photo after her breakfast and before her friends and their parents arrived. The Chad Valley inflatable bouncy castle was a secondhand bargain bought on a virtual local Market Place. It was a great success.

The party had been planned as an outdoor event, but rain didn't stop play; simply moved it indoors. It was such fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a good idea to hold it in the morning before the little ones were too tired. Hope LMB sleeps well tonight, so that her parents can, too!

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