Holiday time

Not mine - everyone else's! Oban's mobbed again - I've never seen so many people walking up our road to reach McCaig's Tower. Fortunately they turn off before they get to us, so our part of the road is generally fairly quiet, apart from the few who are lost. I had to laugh the other day when I was working down by the road and a couple came by and asked 'Which way is it?' I knew what they meant, but couldn't resist saying 'It depends where you want to go!'

Walked down town today and on the way called in to see a neighbour who had asked me to advise her on the pruning of a philadelphus. I told her that there were three options - the first and worst being to chop the top half off, the second to cut it to the ground and let it regenerate and the third to take it down as low as possible, but leaving all the basal shoots to grow on. She told me she intended to do the first! It reminded me of the character in a film who was told 'You haven't come to me to help you make a decision - you want me to confirm the decision you've already made'!

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