Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Over the fence and down the bank

I'd arranged to meet Marie from the Oban Mountain Rescue on Jacob's Ladder after lunch today, to have a look at the area prior to their abseilers' descent in a couple of weeks to begin to deal with the rubbish there. As it happened she - in the red coat - was later joined by a couple of colleagues; here they are having a look over the fence. I had some difficulty getting over the fence myself, but they were over it in a trice!

They decided that rather than kick everything down the bank they would try to bag up as much as possible and haul it up to the top, as a lot of it would only get stuck half-way down. I'll need to bring some volunteers to carry or drag the bags down the many steps to plonk them beside the bins at the bottom. Removing what's already down behind the distillery  will have to be an ongoing project, taking a few bags out every time. I'm going to try to have a sign made to explain who's been involved in this project if only to tell residents and visitors that we're trying to do something about it. I hope this will get people on our side!

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