By fairyhedgehog


I'm fed up. We've waited in all day to get our day 2 covid test kits delivered and they haven't come. That means we'll be late in taking our tests, despite booking the kits as soon as our travel details were confirmed to go away. 

Qured never refers to exact dates, just "day 0" and "day 2", and they claim to have dispatched our test kits on day 0. This is a lie because they were sent off yesterday (day 1). They've just been completely useless and I'm so fed up with them. I was getting worried about not obeying the government rules but a bit of googling shows we're far from the only ones being let down like this.

On the advice of a kind lady on the 119 (NHS) helpline, I've emailed the Department of Health and Social Services to explain the situation. Hopefully that will let us off the hook.

What a waste of a day. I didn't settle to anything because I was all ready to take the test and then cycle off to the nearest priority post box with all of our tests. 

Anyway, Neil and I finally went for a walk to the duckpond and back, and I took a load of photos. This one from a neighbour's garden was the prettiest.

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