Planet Chocolate

Mostly a good day today. My train terminated at Basingstoke which is okay as that is where I get off - not so good for everyone else but fine by me.

At work I copied some cold from the sandbox system into the development system. It takes a little longer but the result is better and it's more satisfying. A colleague also got something to work so our EDI project is getting closer to a complete working solution.

After work it was the pool and I managed a half decent 50 lengths (1250 m) of front crawl which always feels good.

At home I put a new oven lamp into the microwave. We went for a 15 W lamp instead of the original 25 W on the grounds that it's less electricity and it's not as if we needed the light on the inside of the microwave anyway. Plus with the blacks outs due in a few years to government's inability to plan, every little helps.

Today's blip is a rather feeble shot of the surface of a mug of hot chocolate. I don't like most things flavoured with chocolate but my better half does, so the mug is hers, but it's me that usually makes it. I did try to get a blip of the new bulb in the microwave but it's awkward to get the camera to focus and meter correctly in a confined space and with only low light!

Today I also tried out my new Ethernet over mains kit I got with my 10 year's service award at work. It's taken me nearly 18 months to find something to buy that was the right amount... The new units are faster, consume less power, have mains pass through and one of the units contains a built in hub so I can remove a switch from the living room so less clutter there too!

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