By fairyhedgehog

New Suitcase

So today we (Neil and I) put on our masks and went to TK Maxx and bought a suitcase to replace the broken one.

I used to love browsing there, feeling all the different textures of fabric, and if I was with a friend laughing at some of the more extreme items of clothes. I've bought bedding there, and cushions, and cat bowls, but today it was a suitcase. 

I had mixed feelings - not enjoying the mask but preferring it to covid, and finding myself looking askance at anyone who wasn't wearing one. I felt much less relaxed than I used to in the store.

Then I tried to complete our Sainsbury's order. The internet cut out from time to time which was entirely frustrating. We have a techie from Virgin coming on Monday but I'm ready to move to Sky. 

I suspect I spend far too much time online.

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