There's an obvious change in the weather. Starting tomorrow, we're in for some unstable rain-sun-chilly wind stuff. Being on an island, it's not sure we're going to be affected very much, maybe most of the turbulence stays on the mainland.

Another change is in the holidays. This weekend is the last of the big holiday season and lots of people have started leaving for home. You can tell by the none swimmers at the harbour beach. It's only half past seven and it's all empty in the 20 degree water, some days ago they had to drag the kids up when it got dark. School has already started for many of the teachers preparing for when the students get back in a couple of weeks. 

There's going to be more lovely days yet, the summer isn't over but we, who live here, will use it mainly for ourselves for a while, it'll be another couple of months before there is a more definite change  of season and by then we will be quite happy to snuggle up in front of  a fire.

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