Old house

We've had a strong return of summer. Today was close to 30 degrees celsius and tomorrow is going to be warmer still. Lucky for me, I like warm weather, as long as I can decide what I am doing in it.

I had a visit from an old man I've never seen before this morning. He had heard I was looking for somewhere to live and had a suggestion for me. I was so happy that my network is working and I joined him to have a look at a place he knew about owned by a good friend of his, an elderly woman,  the house on offer was a small house on her premises. Far too small for me.

After talking to each other for a while, the old man suggested we could have a look at her birthplace not far away. It turned out to be a desolate small farm, once self sufficient, built somewhere in the eighteen hundreds and then left on its own in the sixties. It had beautiful buildings in peaceful surroundings, lovely details everywhere showing the love someone put into the place. Even the window to one of the outhouses was beautifully hand carved in the door. Blip.

So much would need doing there to keep it from deteriorating and it would need pipes for drinkingwater and new drains to begin with, not to mention fresh paint everywhere. A lovely place, but a too big mouthful for one person to take on. 

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