Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob


I'd booked the day off work today (I was supposed to be at a concert in London that got rescheduled from my birthday last year, but it got rescheduled again) and so I decided to be a productive human and do some cleaning. Sadly, after a few hours spent giving the living room a thorough clean, I managed to overheat both the vacuum battery and myself! As such, my afternoon was spent having a nice shower, then cracking on with Nana's cross stitch. I'm not too far off finishing one of the ears now, huzzah!

I'm a big fan of The Sloppy Boys podcast (a comedy trio tasting cocktails, spouting facts and doing bits) and this week's cocktail was the piña colada. I really wanted to have a drink alongside the pod as I don't usually have Fridays off (they release episodes each Friday), so instead I cracked open this piña colada beer to enjoy whilst I listened and stitched. Tis da loif!

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