By Nathcarr91


I've waited so long to purchase one of these and i finally did it!

For approximately just under a year I've been dabbling in a little bit of film photography and I had inherited a load of my grandads old film gear when he passed away. Amongst that equipment there were a couple of old Canon fd lenses. So after months of searching the Internet and ebay and consistently loosing bidding wars. I finally won an old Canon AV-1 from 1979 to use with my old lenses.

The AV-1 is an aperture priority camera, so all I do is set the film speed and the aperture and the camera does the shutter speed, with the hope being that as long as the film speed is set to the correct setting as far as the film goes, all I need to do is determine what depth of field I want and I'll get perfect exposure every time! I'm really excited about trying this camera out.

I won this on ebay for a grand total of........ £13.50 plus £5 postage and it is in brilliant condition. All the shutter speeds seem accurate, film winds on no problem, no "Canon Cough". It needed a little bit of a clean in the nooks and crannies but I'm going to do that myself today with some camera cleaning fluid and then blow out the mirror area and film load area. I have a couple of rolls of expired film that I'm going to run through it before I start buying film to use with it properly as there may be some light leak from potentially worn seals but at least with old film it doesn't really matter too much if there ruined.

Hopefully I'll get a good play around with this over the next few weeks and it will be as good as I hope. Finger crossed!

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