By Nathcarr91

Another film camera!

So this is another one of my film cameras in the collection.

I've not really used this one that much, however I am going to brave it on my next outing. When this camera was released in 1998 I belive, it was aimed at the serious enthusiast/ professional market. I also belive that this was possibly the last or pinultimate film camera that Canon produced.
This thing has so many features I can barely work them out. It is waaaaay advanced for it time, even by todays standards. It is equipped with a 47 point eye controlled auto focus! And I belive Canon have only just re produced this in their new R6.

All these features made it to far advanced for me to use but I'm gonna have a play about with even just on its basic modes and progress from there. Will keep you all posted with pics, once they're developed and scanned

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