By JeanSnaps

Hoverfly heaven.

A very ordinary Sunday. A few of the usual chores and then I cut down one of the shrubs I'm thinking of replacing with a tiny arbour.  It's an incredibly prickly one and not completely gone yet.  Plus there are two hollies to go as well.  I was asking Andy for his help if I buy the arbour and he is already calling it my sentry box.  While chatting I  saw this pink poppy in my revamped front garden and went in for my camera.  No chance of photographing it without hoverflies though.  They are everywhere at the moment. Quite a few white butterflies around too but they never hold still.  Must go round to the Palace tomorrow.  I keep forgetting and they usually have a good few butterflies of most kinds.  Their borders of michaelmas daisies are very popular.

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