By suehutton

Colin's Gift

Today has been about meeting friends and cooking Chinese style food to entertain. I'd gone shopping yesterday to buy ingredients but couldn't find much gluten free stuff. One shop did stock GF hoisin sauce but had sold out. And the rice flour wraps to make Spring Rolls arrived via Amazon.

I spent 2-3 hours this morning slicing vegetables thinly for the Spring Rolls. Filled six rice wraps and battled with the deep fryer to cook them. Unmitigated disaster. But the ginger soy chicken wings and the King Prawn Foo Yung worked fine.

Gill and Geoffrey arrived promptly at 3.30 pm. Colin rang to ask for a lift because he didn't want to ride his chariot in the heavy rain showers. When he arrived he brought me this most marvellous bunch of crimson/salmon gladioli that had suffered in the rain. They are the most beautiful blooms. Gill brought me something wrapped in newspaper for insulation that I haven't unwrapped yet.

We spent the loveliest afternoon sitting in the conservatory chatting, drinking and sampling the food. Len had bought a non G F trifle for pudding and gave me a dish of raspberries and cream.

Basil kept trotting in and out of the wide open door. No one can say that we weren't enjoying fresh air.

I didn't have time to watch the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics but I did glimpse the Parisian welcome for the games of 2024. Most impressed by the air display team that wrapped a smoke flag around the Eiffel Tower.

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