Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


A friend from church got in touch yesterday saying she wanted to meet up with us for tea, so we struck while the iron was hot and arranged it for 11 am today! There's nothing like the present.

Vincy (see extra) has just recently finished her treatment for breast cancer. She's had chemo, an operation and now radiotherapy. She looks very well for all she's been through and didn't lose all her hair. We chatted for six hours! Her energy levels are excellent. She stayed back to meet up with two other groups of people.

We came home to a quiet evening. One of the movie channels is airing all three movies of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and G is very interested. I tried out a new gadget I bought on Amazon - a tape player that converts tapes to MP3. It was great to hear an old cassette from the 1980s.

The other big thing to note today was the elder of the two dove chicks flying off. I was watering the plant they have taken up residence in, but despite being careful not to scare it, it panicked and flew off. Never to be seen again!

PS. My blip is of the (South) Food Court where we had lunch.

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