Flower Spirit

By flowerspirit


Today started with a beautiful new yoga class with a beautiful yoga teacher who had us consciously connecting to our hearts at the start of practice. We sat right hand on belly, left hand on heart and breathed in and out slowly feeling the warmth. Bliss. So I knew I had to photograph Camellia today.

Camellia flower essence helps to open, develop and balance the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the balancing point from where we connect down to the earth and upwards to spirit. This is represented in the Star of David with its interlocking triangles and you can see the triangle forms in the petals of the camellia.

You know your heart chakra needs some attention if you're lonely, scared of intimacy, lacking trust, feel unloved or are unable to love others. As you take Camellia flower essence you are able to experience unconditional love, a closer affinity with all of humankind and inner peace. Hand on heart and breathe warmly into that belly!

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