Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The US/Canadian border

Of course after all this angst, I had to blip the border.    :-).  First day it’s been open for17 months.    The website for wait times kept saying 15 minute wait for regular and no delay for nexus ( pre screened) line.   Well, not ,exactly.    It looked empty up to here…those cars you see are about 10 deep at 8 posts and the 2 nexus lanes are closed!  ( orange barrier)    It took us an hour and 12 minutes but no issues,…we did it all right…hurray! ….and the border guard was pleasant… we noticed he was carrying a gun…. A first, just negotiated.    The theory is that the nexus pass is faster anyway and most of the cars probably had them…. Anyway, then we could relax (!). and spent the afternoon at the Tsawwassen Mills huge mall , lunch and the boys did some shopping,   Might be my first and last trip there… awful place.    Then groceries… we’ll have to hold them on our laps ….. and now a bit of relax before going out to dinner, 
Anyway… thanks for all those crossed fingers and toes…. We’re on the ferry in the morning to paradise! 
Extra…. Out for dinner at a restaurant .. inside!  ( my 4th in 17 mos. ).   These boys eat a lot!

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