By JeanSnaps

Peacock on buddlia.

We've had quite a sunny day in spite of clouds gathering from time to time.  I've spent quite a lot of it in the garden.  There are always weeds to pull out and a few got scooched with weedkiller.  Sat on my stool up the top of the garden hoping for butterflies and one obliged which was nice.  I even managed to catch it silhouetted in flight. See extra.  It's not a great shot but I'm pleased to have got it at all.
  In between my outdoor sorties downstairs got a going over with Roomba and then a very thorough mop.  Afterwards I lay on the sofa and ordered lots and lots of bulbs.  I'm not spending as much on hobbies or books or wine or holidays so I feel I can be extravagant.  I may even buy a few more if I feel so inclined,

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