By Hillyblips

The Eyes Have It

'Do not disturb' clearly tattooed on his forehead  but not one to miss an opportunity and having been battered/clattered on the head plus charged at in full flight I thought it was get your own back time.

Heading off down to Somerset to Waldegrave Pool I was hoping to find some different dragons to my usual. It was a slow start - a bit breezy and not hugely warm but into the afternoon things improved and the dragons came out to play. 

There were darters, and hawkers, skimmers and emperors but an emperor dragon hasn't been named lightly. Size really does matter and they were chasing off the lesser insects not having any truck with territorial invasions. 

These two emperors clattered into the ferns right next to me and it would have been rude just to ignore them. I liked this shot because we were face to face, you've got to love the colours in his eyes but I've turned off the audio as he wasn't happy with me  and this is a family site. 

Just glad I didn't break my neck frankly with the terrain as the ground was littered with hidden holes some of them full of water which you had to negotiate to go anywhere. Wet socks was the worst outcome thankfully.

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