By JeanSnaps

West Sands, St Andrews.

Was late starting in spite of it being sunny and spent the morning dusting upstairs and clearing away odds and ends that had become part of the landscape.  Pleased at how tidy everything looked afterwards.
Began repairing a cardigan that developed a small hole after the first wash and whose buttons were hanging by a thread.  Not a good buy.  Got about half way through the buttons when I remembered to phone Margaret. I missed her yesterday.  Lots of gardening conversation.  Where I am cutting down shrubs, she is chopping down trees.  Her garden is vast and mine is small but we have similar problems.  Everything grows like mad and we can't keep on top of things any more.  She has a gardener but there is still plenty of work to do.
Went off to the recycling with my berberis.  The guy there greeted me with a big smile which was nice.  I've carted so much stuff up there this year.  When I left I was going to take a photo close at hand but drove off with no destination in mind and found myself in St Andrews at the West Sands.  It's a long time since I've been there and it's changed. Not for the better in my opinion.  Lots of people, more parking, portaloos and other nasty looking buildings.  Drove on past caravans and on to a bit only for cars.  Further on the road came to an end and I parked.  It's almost two miles and most people don't go that far.  I was sorry but pleased that the dunes are now mainly closed off with little fenced in paths at intervals to reach the beach.  You could walk or cycle past the road end and I did.  After a while the fencing on the dunes stopped so I came back along the sand.  Hardly anyone there which was lovely.  I'd taken lots of photos earlier of wind surfing and people learning how to land sail but, when I had nearly reached my car I photographed them all packing up to leave with St Andrews in the background.  The patch of orange is the wind surfer's kite.
By the time I got home I thought I would leave packing more berberis into the car until tomorrow but I didn't.  My knee was a bit sore but stood up well to it's first walk in a month.  It probably wasn't even a mile but I gave it a heat pad as a reward and it may get a second one before I go to bed.

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