Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Dances with wasps

Saw a golden-ringed dragonfly in the reserve on my daily amble.  Checking online I'm told this one is female and as such the longest of the UK dragonflies.  Compared to the darter I blipped the other day she was huge!  I have to say I was spellbound by the sight of her flying in, hanging on this reed and eating a wasp for lunch.  It went down head first, wings and all.  How do they manage to digest the sting? 


Not a lot else.  I said I would take charge of Hazel today.  Obviously she isn't allowed in the reserve, but later we did walk into town to visit the cam shop, by which time I'd had enough walking so we caught the bus home.  Then I ridiculously decided on a couple of hours gardening.  How exhausting  - and after yesterday!  Which prompts me to say a big thank you for the love you gave the NF donkey, ponies and fallow deer .

And one last thing: my keyboard is losing it letters, they are vanishing off the buttons.  Worn off, I should say, by over use.  I did learn to touch type many years ago when that was thought important so technically I shouldn't need the letters, but I keep finding strange spelling in what I write.  So forgive me, at least until I get a new one ;))

Happy start to the weekend  xx

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