Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Today a friend and I managed a longish walk in the New Forest.  We started at Fritham (the car park opposite the Royal Oak) and walked through Amberwood and Alderhill Inclosures, crossed the Driftway (where, as I understand it, the forest ponies are driven once a year to be counted, branded and sorted), then into Sloden Inclosure and back over Fritham Plain through the heather.  That last is where we saw the donkeys who, I have to admit, rather stole my heart.  We also saw ponies (first Extra) by Cadnam Pond, a large group of fallow deer (second Extra), pigs and cattle - the last getting in everyone's way on the roads.

And of course we had a well-earned drink in the garden of the Royal Oak, before coming home.

Now I have an apology to make.  I said yesterday that hearts for WildflowerWeek21_19 would be given out this morning.  They weren't, but only because the site was down and didn't come back up again until after we left.  However, you should now have them.  Thanks for your patience.

And for the wildflowers in this shot, we saw quantities of this heather (Calluna vulgaris) though - out of shot - there was also a substantial amount of bell heather (Erica cinerea).

Hope you've all had a great day.  Friday tomorrow and the weekend! Take care  xx

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