I took a training on micro-aggressions today. It was highly recommended by my division's boss and I think it was good. At the end the instructor talked about micro-affirmations. I very much appreciate what an affirming community we've created here. 

My friend may or may not be up to seeing me tomorrow. I'll hear in the morning. That is the nice thing about driving - I can be flexible. I hope she feels up to it tomorrow. I have options for places to stay, one of her local friends or Shenandoah. If I spend the night in a campground I'll try to look for meteors. 

Lots of people at USAID had to go for walks today even though it was a high of 97 degrees F/36C. Many have served in Afghanistan or know people there. Three more cities and two additional capitals have fallen to the Taliban. Military forces are moving to evacuate US and UK embassy personnel and citizens in Kabul. Thousands upon thousands of people are fleeing to Kabul, without any assets. 

Three times I was invited to work in Afghanistan. Three times I declined, the first two because the company didn't have a gym and I knew I'd go nuts, the third time because they were hoping that I could straighten someone out - without giving me any authority or power to do so - because I'm magic you know. Fortunately I had a friend who clued me in to what was going on. 

In 2004, late December, the home office was inundated with calls from anxious parents and grandparents, terrified that their children had been hurt in the Indonesian tsunami. People in the home office were confused because the employees weren't in Indonesia - until some clever person realized that all the staff in Afghanistan had lied to their families and told them they were working in Indonesia so the families wouldn't worry. Then the home office folks told the families that all of our staff in Indonesia were safe and accounted for, they weren't impacted by the tsunami, and told all the staff in Afghanistan to call home!

Hey I just got an email that my passport renewal has been approved. I should have it before the end of the month. 

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